About us

Common diversity

WINZER KREMS eG is one of the most significant producers and the most successful exporter of estate bottled quality wine in Austria. The estate is owned by 900 winegrowers who grow their grapes on 1200 hectares/~ 2.570 acres in Krems and the surrounding wine growing regions.

Nearly the whole harvest will be carried out by hand. The grapes are separated according to the variety, the different qualities, and the particular locations of origin, so that a wide range of individual wine qualities and specialities can be bottled.

Once harvested, the grapes are brought as quickly as possible to the cellar. Here, every container of grapes is subjected to a strict quality control. Only fully ripe and grapes are fed to the press.

The grapes are gently pressed to extract the juice in the whole cluster pressing. This process ensures that the quality produced in the vineyard is also maintained in the wine. Although high technology is used, the process is carried out in the same way as with the traditional old wooden press.

The juice is then fed into stainless tanks and fermented in a temperature-controlled process. Every stage of maturation is constantly monitored and tested by experience oenologists and the winemaker. Even the bottles are subject to stringent controls. Only perfect bottles with the necessary quality features are marketed.

This makes every bottle from Winzer Krems an event in itself, filled with the affinity between the land and the vine.

Our leading team

Florian Stöger - chairman / president

Florian Stöger
chairman / president


Ludwig Holzer - managing director

Ludwig Holzer
managing director


Franz Arnodrfer - chief oenologist

Franz Arndorfer
chief oenologist