Winzer Krems



Winzer Krems provides the "Landeshauptstadtwein" 2018

A Grüner Veltliner from Sandgrube 13 accompanies St. Pölten, the provincial capital of Lower Austria, through the coming year.

In 2018, Winzer Krems Sandgrube 13 will provide the "Lower Austrian provincial capital wine" for the city St. Pölten. A 30-headed jury from the provincial capital, including the mayors Mag. Matthias Stadler (St. Pölten) and Dr. Reinhard Resch (Krems), the head of the tourist office Eva Prischl, well-known representatives from the gastronomy and the media sector as well as specialized wine experts, visited the Winzer Krems in the Vinotheque cellar Bündlgraben (cellar number 12) in Krems. Within a professional wine tasting five qualities have been presented to the delegation. The Grüner Veltliner from the single vineyard “Kremser Goldberg” of Winzer Krems has been selected unanimously.

The capital wine as an ambassador and communication medium
As in previous years, the capital wine of 2018 should be conduced as a touristy ambassador to the Lower Austrian provincial capital and be served in the gastronomy sector. Furthermore the wine will be used for all festive occasions in St. Pölten throughout the year. In 2018 the youngest provincial capital of Austria celebrates the “180th anniversary of the music school St. Pölten”, the anniversary of "180 years of music school association", "30 years of music for wind", "20 years of ballet conservatory" and much more.

Winzer Krems Geschäftsführer Franz Ehrenleitner und St. Pöltens Tourismus-Verantwortliche Eva Prischl, flanked by the mayors Matthias Stadler (St. Pölten) and Reinhard Resch (Krems) - Photo: Wolfgang Mayer

Mayor Stadler loves the wine harvest (Photo: Wolfgang Mayer)

A 30-headed jury selected the „Landeshauptstadtwein 2018“ (Photo: Wolfgang Mayer)