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Rosé | Sparkling

CHAMPION Cuvée blanc de blanc

CHAMPION Cuvée blanc de blanc


Winedetails: A very fruity sparkling wine displaying the classic fruit aroma of the Grüner Veltliner grape. A classic Cuvée in the best sense of the word. One would clearly recognize it as a Veltliner “Sekt”.

Durability: As it is a very fruity sparkling wine it should be enjoyed young, within one to two years.

Serving Temperature: 7 - 9 °C

Fits to: Basically this Sekt is an allrounder that harmonizes with all dishes; it goes very well with appetisers or sweet desserts but is also ideally suited for mixed drinks (with orange juice or Kir Royal) or as fruit punsch; It is great just on its own.

Variety :
Quality :
Austrian Sparkling Wine
Origin :
Weinland, Austria
Soil :
loam an gravel soils
Alcohol :
12,0 %vol
Acidity :
5,4 g/l
Residual sugar :
17,0 g/l
Allergens :
Contains Sulfites