Winzer Krems


White wine

Gewürztraminer "13"

Gewürztraminer "13"

Vintage 2019, Gewürztraminer

Winedetails: Vibrand golden yellow; intense but yet subtle nuances of roses and rosewood; distinctly spicy and aromatic; very smooth texture and a well-intergrated delicate residual sweetness, a wine with charm and finesse.

Durability: Now and in ten or even more years! Disposes of an especially high potential to mature in the bottle at ideal storage conditions.

Serving Temperature: 11 - 13 °C

Fits to: Goes especially well with cheeseboards, though, serves very well as alternative to red wine for game pastries and terrines, too; it is also served with desserts if they are not too sweet. Gewürztraminer is said to be the classical companion for pâte de foie gras but can also be an ideal conclusion of a fine menu as digestif. It is very suitable for the Asian cuisine, too!

Variety :
Quality :
quality wine, semi dry
Origin :
Lower Austria
Soil :
sand and gravel soil
Alcohol :
13,5 %vol
Acidity :
5,2 g/l
Residual sugar :
10,0 g/l
Allergens :
Contains Sulfites