Winzer Krems


Winegrowing area

Winegrowing Area

The viticulture area of WINZER KREMS is situated 70 kilometres west
of Austria’s capital Vienna.

The centre of this region is the small picturesque town of Krems, situated in the Danube valley, marking the eastern border of one of Europe's most beautiful river landscapes - the Wachau.

Most of the vineyards in Krems are placed on sun exposed primary rock and loess terraces with difficult access. The basis for the quality wines from Krems is provided by the special soil an climate conditions. The influence of the river Danube produces a mix of warm air from the South-East and cool spicy air from the North. From this micro-climate and from the soil of wLoessW or the prehistoric rock the vines create that distinctive aroma full of fruit which distinguishes wines from WINZER KREMS.

Kremser Sandgrube

The winery of WINZER KREMS in the "Kremser Sandgrube", firstly mentioned in the 11th century

Kremser Goldberg

Kremser Goldberg: loess soil

Kremser Wachtberg

Kremser Wachtberg - loess terraces directly besides the town of Krems.

Kremser Kremsleiten

Kremser Kremsleiten - steep primary rock terraces besides the "Krems" river.

Kremser Pfaffenberg

Kremser Pfaffenberg at the western boarder of Krems: the steep and small terraces have to be cultivated mostly by hand.