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The Lower Austrian Chamber of Agricultural Workers honoured long-service WINZER KREMS employees

On Nov. 10th 2022, some long-service WINZER KREMS employees were honoured by the Lower Austrian Chamber of Agricultural Workers ("LAK"):

  • Sabine Kaltenbrunner, Lukas Weissinger - 10 years

  • Maria Millner, Marin Dorrer, Reinhard Tauböck - 25 years

  • Erich Czipin, Günther Resch - 45 years

The tribute was bestowed by the LAK vice presidents Josefa Czezakte and Karl Orthuber. The WINZER KREMS president Florian Stoeger and the whole WINZER KREMS family congratulate warmly!


Long-service WINZER KREMS employees honoured
Tribute to long-service WINZER KREMS employees - standing from the left: Reinhard Tauböck (25 years), Winzer Krems chairman Florian Stoeger, district governor Johannes Kranner, LAK vice president Josefa Czezatke, Erich Czipin (45 years), LAK vice president Karl Orthaber. Sitting from the left: Martin Dorrer (25 years), Sabine Kaltenbrunner (10 years), Maria Millner (25 years), Lukas Weissinger (10 years) Photo: Markus Schneider