Sandgrube 13

The perfekt gift

Make a special birthday present for your loved ones.

Anybody who has a bottle of wine of his or her year of birth at home?

In our shop you can buy vintage wines back to 1957.

Please note in case of order:

The prices listed include the VAT which is 20%. 
The ARA licence fee, according to the packaging ordinance and the AMA amount, are included in the prices.  General Terms of Sale and Delivery apply, according to the wine and sparkling wine price lists from WINZER KREMS. 

WINZER KREMS assumes no responsibility for the quality of the wine. Due to the long storage, the wines are delivered with bottle neck tags instead of labels. Packaging: the prices listed in this price list do not include gift wrapping or a shipping package.

If you want to buy an old vintage wine in our shop we request you to order it one day before.