Sandgrube 13
SANDGRUBE 13 Neuburger

SANDGRUBE 13 Neuburger

Vintage 2020, Neuburger

Characteristics: Gentle fragrances of walnuts and honey;  a characteristic Neuburger-bouquet will be fully preserved on the palate.  Elegant, dry and well balanced; an Austrian grape speciality for lovers of mild and delicate whit wines.  

Drinkability: Now and in the next two to five years.  

Serve temperature: 10 - 12 °Celsius  

We advice: Perfekt companion to fried dishes as „Wiener Schnitzel“, breaded fried chicken or breaded mushrooms. But also ideal for not too intensive cheese varieties.

Variety : Neuburger

Quality : Quality wine, semi dry

Origin : WINZER KREMS wine region Niederösterreich

Soil : profounded sand and gravelly soil, partly overlayed by loess

Alcohol : 12,0 %vol

Acidity : 6,4 g/L

Residual sugar : 13,9 g/L

Allergens : Contains Sulfites