Sandgrube 13
SANDGRUBE 13 Blauer Portugieser

SANDGRUBE 13 Blauer Portugieser

Vintage 2020, Blauer Portugieser

Characteristics: Deep cherry red, fresh aromas of red currants and edible wild herbs, powerful body, uncomplicated, easily drinkable, mild and dry red wine.

Drinkability: Now and in the next 3 - 5 years.

Serve temperature: 14 - 16 °Celsius

We advice: Ideal red wine for pungent, solid meat dishes like braised beef or boar, lamp stew and innards. Also perfect with spicy cheese varieties.

Item number : 8277

Variety : Blauer Portugieser

Quality : Quality wine, dry

Origin : WINZER KREMS wine region Lower Austria

Soil : Loam and gravelly soil

Alcohol : 12,5 %vol

Acidity : 4,8 g/L

Residual sugar : 3,7 g/L

Allergens : Contains Sulfites