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Riesling "Von den Terrassen"

Riesling "Von den Terrassen"

Vintage 2020, Riesling

Winedetails: very typical Riesling wine with a characteristic nose of fresh peaches, fruity, nervy and dry wine

Durability: within the next 3 - 5 years

Serving Temperature: 11 - 12 °C

Fits to: This Riesling will go well with pies, fish, roast meat (pork and veal), cheese and dishes made of vegetables.

Variety : Riesling

Quality : quality wine, dry

Origin : Lower Austria

Soil : primary rock

Alcohol : 13,0 %vol

Acidity : 7,2 g/L

Residual sugar : 4,9 g/L

Allergens : Contains Sulfites